Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Story behind THE STAND

I never wanted to explain everything, I just wanted everyone to get out of it what they would. but after thinking about it and many questions asked, the origins of THE STAND.

In some ways I guess I was looking for some kind of freedom, with none of the formats that are most often enforced, just allowing people to create, I would try to use my force to keep all that nonsense away the best I can and the rest I would leave up to my ability to arrange, switch and create my own magic. I learned this from some of the great masters, there were plenty. 
 My mom Arlene was determined to go to college to study art so my sister and I became her art team always building, attending many of her classes, studying painting, drawing, sculpture and art history, she graduated in 6 years, while working and taking care of us. My favorite memory was her painting instructor from Italy came and sat with me, we were painting a still life, he asked me to look deeply at the green apple and tell me every color that I could  see, there I saw blue, white, yellow, orange, and greens, he said now paint, I was 5years old and I had my foundation.

Shortly after graduating she opened a small bar called Club 45 in the early 1970's in a city that was run down and corrupt.  A melting pot of the streets, from street hustlers to judges and business men and she was an advocate for the people on the streets. They may have been on the streets but they had their own devices to protect what they loved and she was so loved and such a risk taker. On any given night you were lucky if you could get near the  place, because you never knew what may be happening inside. As I often visited after roaming the streets I would sit at the end of her bar watching, what a great piece of moving art.  Haven't the great masters been telling us that this is a great masterpiece and we are our own directors? 

There were many people who wanted her business, they spent 2 years breaking her picture windows, flooding her place and finally shot guns drawn the police force arrives to pull her out of our home and scare her. Well what it did not do is scare her, her lease ended and she was on to something new, but what it did do is create THE STAND

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