Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dinner Series

There are so many great conversations that take place at THE STAND.
  The dinner table is a the perfect meeting ground or formula for conversations and to share information. During the dinner series an art element is introduced, such as a performance art piece, it will change every few weeks. It takes the dinner conversation into a new direction and presents a shift in the conversation.

The 1st of the dinner party series I invited 5 woman, myself and then during the middle of the dinner Ms Gates a performance artist joins us. I explained to the group that she would come about an hour after we started dinner, sit down at the table, not formerly introduce herself and ask random questions to the guests for about 15 min and then leave quietly.
The guests asked many questions before she arrived, would they be personal questions, does she do this for a living, is she trying to find out things from us, questions were asked and I did my best to explain that it is a performance and the artist would decide on the questions once seated at the table.
It was after Ms Gates left the table is when the questions shifted. 
These are some of the things they said after Ms Gates left.
I wonder why she asked you that question, did she know anything about us, is she a mystic, I did not feel the connection to any of the questions she asked me, I loved the way she entered and exited it was my favorite part, I feel like I know her, tell us more about her, we talked long into the night about that 15 min performance, and days later I would receive more questions.